Evaluation and assessment of learning outcomes in VET student mobility projects

Farkas Éva (2018): Mérés-értékelés kézikönyv. Tanulási eredmények mérése és értékelése a szakképzési mobilitási gyakorlatokban. (Evaluation and assessment of learning outcomes in VET student mobility projects). Tempus Közalapítvány, Budapest. (Tempus Public Foundation, Budapest.) (Available in Hungarian)


VET student mobility projects are an important learning process, which must be planned and goal oriented. That is why it is a priority to plan this learning process consciously. The use of learning outcomes allows a more structured and consistent specification of the goals and requirements of the mobility, specification of the mutual expectations of the partner institutions, and a more objective assessment of students’ achievements and the impact of the mobility. The careful specification of the learning outcomes, agreed upon by both parties, is not only crucial for setting the appropriate requirements but also for the purposes of assessment. Evaluation and assessment of students’ performance makes learning outcomes more visible, and gives value to the mobility, which is essential for establishing mutual trust between the partners.